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26 Nov 19

the charm of Adèle's ponies

Adèle has just settled down below the relais de Alsou with his ponies, so you can make beautiful pony rides departure the relais de l'Alsou. Authentic and charming ballads near the lakes and rivers near Labastide en val that will delight the little ones. And for adults, whether you are beginners or confirmed, Here no formatted ballads, we leave the beaten track to feel and live the raw and wild nature of the Corbières.
So that on both sides of the Relais de l'Alsou, you will see the ponies who frolic and play, near our park of olive trees and the pool. This view of the Corbières, with the ponies who walk here and there adds a charm and authenticity to your stay, spend your daily :)

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03 Nov 19


For your well-being and your health the Relais de l'Alsou has just been equipped with a dry steam cleaner. So your room is disinfected and cleaned without chemicals.

The ambient air is sanitized and rid of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), the mites are destroyed. Sensitive surfaces such as showers floors, toilets are disinfected by steam projection at 120 °, which guarantees a perfect hygiene during your stay.

The major benefit to your health and well-being comes down to the fact that at the end of cleaning, your room is not polluted by chemicals, and thus reduces your risk of allergy, which is the 1st identified risk of indoor pollution, but there is no doubt others because indoor pollution is the subject of studies, and begins to be a factor of health concern.

Here is the list of ecological products we use

-Prim'vert an ecological laundry provided by Elidis to Lézignan Corbières

-Sodium carbide supplied by Eluecolo to detach the linen

-White vinegar and baking soda for limestone and unclogging the pipes

-washing dishes and ecological rinsing liquid supplied by Elidis in Lézignan Corbières

Our wastewater is recycled bacterially and reused for watering green plants

Our advice according to our experience:

The products we use are not more expensive (quite the contrary) than chemicals, are much more efficient, and are bio-degradable. No more bleach, the destop, the deodorants the 10 flasks of laundry detergent, etc.

For windows, if you do not have a steamer, use hot water without adding any product, equip you with a special glass cloth (kind of micro-fiber very short hair), you clean effortlessly, after a last pass of your cloth, without drying, and without effort your windows will be impeccable!

Well-being with our massage area and the protection of your health, it goes like this at the relay of alsou

The relaxation massage is a source of relaxation that brings calm and relaxation, eliminating stress and anxiety. It optimizes the blood and lymphatic circulation. It acts on everything that trains the human being;On the physical plane, it unties the knots, the muscular and articular tensions and thus interacts on the psychic level by eliminating the stress, the fatigue and the anxiety. So, the relaxing massage allows our physical and psychic state to harmonize, it makes the link between our two states and the re-equilibrium.


Well-being massage is not a therapeutic massage as practiced by the physiotherapist; It is usually practiced by trained Wellness massage technicians, or trained kinesitherapists, psychologists. This technique is gradually admitted in hospitals not to treat, but to provide support, accompaniment, comfort for some patients.


The massage brings, according to the techniques employed, soothing, relaxation, or can be vitalising. A mode of action that optimizes blood and lymphatic circulation, and thus facilitates the elimination of toxins that are responsible for muscle pain or fatigue, and in the extension of muscular or psychic tension.


It varies from 20 minutes to 3 hours on average.


As I said in part I. introduction, the massage acts on the body in its entirety, and to have a targeted relaxation effect on the back or the legs, it is in my opinion not possible to massage only the back where the legs to get a sufficient relaxing effect. This is explained by the fact that when we have targeted tensions in the back, or in the legs, usually these tensions have a seat and a diffuse origin all over the body. Therefore, only a complete whole body massage will bring objective and felt benefits; You will probably be disappointed and frustrated with the results of a split leg or back massage.

Conversely, a massage on the shoulders neck and face and skull provides a real benefit in terms of relaxation and relaxation. Why? Because the face and the skull are an important seat where "niche" our tensions.Moreover with the massaging effect and the oils used, a moisturizing and smoothing action will be verified at the end of the session.

The foot massage with the technique of plantar reflexology, also brings a lot of relaxation. It is a foot arch massage and feet; Each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, which is massaged by pressures less supported; this technique releases stress & muscle tension, and revitalizes. So in conclusion, split, yes but only specific areas such as feet, and the head.

So if you want an effective fractional massage, opt for a facial massage or feet!

VII. ADVICE AND PERSONAL ADVICEI have a scientific background related to my past activity in the pharmaceutical industry and that is very useful for me to understand the morphology in my current activity as a masseuse. I have been practicing massage since 2007, and am a certified MBE practitioner. Every year, I participate on average in 2 courses that allow me to enrich myself and make you enjoy new techniques.

I consider massage with empathy and in a personalized way. My programs are enriched by my culture acquired from different techniques: the Californian massage, the Corréen massage, the Kobido, the Indian waxing, the hot stones, the massage with the bamboos, the massage of the pregnant woman, the plantar reflexology ... J I like to initiate several techniques in a massage, first of all because I select those that seem to me the most profitable, and this mix brings wealth and even more relaxation. And then I adapt my program with a certain freedom and creativity according to the expectations of each and every one, where of my felt.

I add aromatherapy, with essential oils, most of them rare and precious, that I select according to their properties. Each essential oil has its specificity: vitalizing, relaxing, moisturizing, ... This knowledge brings an additional benefit to each massage. For example, the sacred lotus flower with aquatic, mystical and solar notes, used by the greatest perfumers. Soothing and relaxing properties, this flower is used in Chinese medicine. The damask rose, the flower most used in perfumery since antiquity with suave and exhilarating scents; Soothing, balancing and moisturizing properties ..

The ideal, in my opinion, is to start a massage session with a spa session; Our spa heated to 37 °, equipped with aromatherapy, prepares you to relax before the massage.The effect of hot water, gentle rotating massage jets, with a panoramic view of the vineyards, prepares you to relax and receive the massage that follows. The benefits will be increased tenfold.

According to me and my experience, a Week end spa massage will allow you to get off your daily worries, stress, fatigue, and will participate in your inner and outer beauty. A real benefit in only 48H or 24H depending on the duration of your spa weekend or stay!

To conclude, I would say that wellness massage is not especially a chain technique such as fast food, as opposed to a cusine maker who designs his dishes with respect for customers and products. The risk in choosing a massage that has no soul is simply not to feel any benefit, because it will be a banal act.

In my opinion, massage is considered and received as an intuitive choreography with a space of creativity, which gives it a result of intense relaxation .... or not if this dimension of humanity is not taken into account !