I am a well-being massage practitioner fully teacher qualified, and to guarantee you a high quality care, I renew my knowledge 1 or twice  a year; This allows you to benefit from programs of personalized and unpublished massages where several techniques are used to end in an intense relaxation.Our oil and absolved are rare and precious,  high  quality organic and certified Ecocert, made in France ; This add the olfactive and moisturizing  pleasure to your relaxation.Our formulae includes the massage and the unlimited access to the spa. 


Our 60 mn body massages for him or her : 85€

  • Le culte de Vénus : With Pineapple Oil

  • Le voile d'Isis :massage with a candle which frees scents of Ylang Ylang and mango butter

  • L'éveil d'Aphrodite : highly nourishing massage with sacred oil of lotus. The oil of sacred lotus awakens your senses and harmonize your body and your spirit

  • La gourmandise d'Apollon : A very good moment of pleasure and relaxation with gingerbread

  • L'éclair de Zeus : Irresistible smell of coconut biscuit , allied to the black pepper which warms the body during the cold season, or after the effort.

  • The hot stones Massage :This massage is made with basalt stones wich are warmed. This massage is very appreciated


Our 20 mn massages For Her 50€

  • Le ciel étoilé (the starry sky) With Argan Oil and Rose of Damascus; This care aoats shoulders, neck and the face. A real treatment of youth and relaxation

Our 20 mn massing body Scrubs For Her 50€


  • The Source of Neptune: the exfoliating scrub for thinness with Seaweeds and Christe Marine 

  • The sin of Epicurus: With sugar and vanilla Bourbon: for a quite soft skin and delicately perfumed.

  • The secret of Cléopâtre: With salt of the Dead Sea, and with rose of Damascus : queen of the flowers, the rose of Damascus will transport you in an energy and emotional well-being.

  • The Aphrodite's Message: With Fig oil and pearls of jojoba: for a soft skin and delicately perfumed

Our 20mn massage for him 50€

  • The head in the clouds

    With almond, Cherry and Cassie's Absolute;  shoulders,  neck, and face massage made with 6 techniques of the cultures of the world; relaxing, hydrating Effect, and improvement of the skin texture.

Our 20 mn body massing Scrubs For Him 50€

  • Exhilaration of Dionysus

    Massing exfolliating scrub with Absolute of Tuberose from Mexico; very nice-smelling ! the tuberose is the object of numerous legends and stories which reveal his mystic and enchanting side ! Married to the patchouly, and to the passion fruits, a delight for papillae.  A soft skin cleared of  impurities

  • The delight of Brocéliande

    The magic of the french forest of Broceliande, mixture of sandalwood and vetiver, with a pinch of strawberry. Deep, rich and sensual perfume. Calm the stress and the daily tensions

  • The Greedy Sin :

    Greedy union of the tonka bean and the sandalwood which brings a sweet, amber, vanilla and slightly praline-flavored note, With hay and caramel and oriental flavours. A pinch of frangipani flowers tree confers  a floral and delicate note, with a little bit aquatic exotic tones. An olfactive subtle happiness but also revitalizing moisturizing

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