Our traditional french cuisine

At relay of Alsou, Bed and Breakfast Carcassonne, an organic local cooking with vegetables of the kitchen garden;

Our motto is " vegetables and meats produced in neighborhood and cooked at home "

  • Pots which smells

Rediscover the cooking of your childhood,  with simplicity and authenticity

  • full-flavoured Vegetables and meats

Organic Menus with vegetables from the garden, and meat from the local producers

We favor " the home-made" with the products of the local producers and the organic vegetables of our kitchen garden :  salmon Baked in salt crust, young cockerel with corn sauce and vegetables, Sarzuela,foie gras, bäckeoffe, cassoulet, sauerkraut,  pure fruit ice ,tarts....so many specialities which smell the soil, and cooked with love for your health and the flavour

The classic menu consists of a first course, a main course and a dessert. 31€ / adult

starter +main course  25€