hiking in the cathar country, Aude South of france

Today, a new suggestion of hiking in the  Corbières

Here we are at the heart of Corbières, in the Aude more exactly in Hautes Corbières. These mountains, sisters of Pyrenees appeared there  65 million years ago. Dominated by the impressive building of the castle, the village of Padern is an invitation to better understand  the pages of the history of the Aude and the Corbières. Property of Lagrasse from IX century until 1579, the castle made the subject-matter of a dispute during the crusades against Inhabitant of Albi, between Alain de Roucy, Count of Terms and the Abbey. The building was completely reconstructed in the XVII Century before being abandoned in the French Revolution. A village, a castle and its chapel saint Roch where on every August 16th a mass is celebrated to remind The sad hours of the plague which decimated the populations between 1348 and 1375. A hike of 1:30 am , departure from the church by borrowing the alley to the right of the building.  A stroll which is a real lesson of history, in t the heart of the guarrigue, to follow the tracks of the Cathar path.

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