New Year eve breaks

New year eve break

A new year eve break with friends or with your beloved. A new year eve idea with a greedy dinner , drinks  included ; 

We have imaginated a special night dedicated to your lover, with a delicate love box in your room.  

Before midnight, deposit your wishes on the wishes tree, and amuse you during a joyful and playful ceremony at midnight!

On request massages inspired by Greek Divinities ! Menu price 75€/person all included

See availabilities and price


Gransol et migniardises appéritives

Foie gras de canard fait maison et toasts juste cuits au four

Entre deux mers

Granité de muscat

Tournedos Daisy  avec cèpes et chataignes des bois

Fromages en ronde au miel

Tarte Forêt Noire du chef

Café et Bredele (mignardises alsaciennes)

Grands Vins des Domaines Villemagne et Lalause compris


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